It's no secret that when I bought my house, I had BIG dreams of what it would become. However I knew that we would be starting small because we were on my budget. The house wasn't in bad shape by any means, but it just wasn't me. So from the moment I got the keys, it has been non stop projects. No, i'm serious. From the moment I got the keys my family arrived to help me start renovations. The carpet guy showed up a couple hours later, then the internet guy and before you knew it, there was a whole gaggle of people in my house.

We started with the most necessary which was the carpet and paint. The house looked like it hadn't been painted since it was built and it had an off white color to it. Not to mention the carpet was blue... Definitely not my preference by any means. Thankfully I have been blessed with some pretty handy men in my life and my dad and brother in law jumped right in to help. We even covered up some footprints on the ceiling which I have no idea how someone managed to get them there. Thank goodness for paint!

The first weekend we got those keys, it was full of demolition. We painted everything we could see, had carpet installed in the bedrooms and left the common areas with concrete (more on that later, haha!). Even sweet Mr. Shane helped out with vacuuming up oatmeal that I spilled everywhere.

This house was immediately becoming a home, but not just any home, it was my home. I will also say that I can't imagine doing any of this without the help of my family. They stepped up big time and continue to step up whenever needed. I am so excited to continue sharing the renovations we've done in the last two years!


Welcome back to Graceful Glamour Girl. I will be honest, it has been a while and I have to apologize for that. Last time I wrote a blog post, life looked very different for me. I was on the heels of leaving a place I called home for almost a year, I was moving to a big city that I had never really spent anytime in, and was tackling a new job. I can honestly say that the last couple of years have been a wild and amazing ride. It's funny how life works out sometimes. One minute you're questioning God's plan and the next you're living it.

No matter the peaks and valleys I experienced in the last couple of years, my blog was always in the back of my mind. I wrestled with the choice to either start writing again, or shut it down completely. Well, that choice was staring me straight in the face last week once I found out my original site had been hacked.

As frustrating as it was to deal with that and figure out how to get my site back, it actually reignited the fire in me to write. So here we are. Going into this new space will be a lot different than last time. For one, there is no expectations of who, if anyone, will read this. This is for me. This is an outlet like the one it used to be. If I like my outfit, you might see it. If I travel, you'll hear about it. And if I work on my house, i'm sure i'll have stories to tell.

I am excited to have this space reimagined. The old Graceful Glamour Girl isn't gone, she's just grown up quite a bit. Looking forward to sharing all of life's excitement as a new chapter begins for this blog! Thanks for reading and glad to have you back!

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